About Us

About Us

The Kurdistan Express Company (KEco) was approved for business by the administrative order of the Ministry of Commerce of Kurdistan Region in Iraq with Reference Number 2954 on July, 16, 2006. KEco is involved in a variety of activities such as:

  • IT and communication services
  • Training and development
  • Business communications
  • General trading
  • Survey
  • Commercial agencies and distribution
  • Partnerships and funding

The annual revolving credit for KEco is approximately 2,300,000 USD.

KEco’s main office is located in the city of Duhok in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and has a sub-office in Zakho. It also has many representatives covering all other areas in the Kurdistan Region (Erbil, Sulaimanya, etc.). KEco has been a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Duhok under commercial No. (10479) since July 2006 and a member of Iraqi Businessmen Union, Kurdistan Region office, Duhok under registration No. 187 since December 4, 2008.

Currently, KEco has 27 employees of different categories including manager (owner), 2 assistants, 1 admin officer, 1 admin assistant , 2 project managers, 2 lawyers, 3 accountants, 2 trainers, 2 IT technicians, 7 team leaders, 2 drivers and 2 cleaners. In addition, there are 30 to 40 distributors and contractors that KEco has contracted annually.