Communication and Businesses

Surveys to collect and analyze data

Among our important projects was a survey to collect data in different areas within the Kurdistan Region and analyzing them. This was conducted by an integrated team of administrators, technicians, drivers, photographers, and analysts under the supervision of specialists in the field of planning and analysis of data.

Partnership and funding

We are currently involved in joint ventures with many companies in the Kurdistan Region in commercial projects, technology implementations, and financing and are ready to finance or participate in other future projects.

Agencies And Commercial Representation

We have worked for four years as a distributor of many international computer software and hardware companies (Asus, Dell, Sony, Acer, Toshiba, LG, Vaio, Compaq, etc.). We are also an agent of Motorola and a representative of commercial companies 4 Star, Dutch, BP, R-Tek, Norwegia, as well as agencies of government institutions and commercial companies within the Kurdistan region as Nowruz Telecom.

Facilitating communication between businesses and businessmen

We have participated in various exhibitions and business conferences in the Kurdistan region and other countries (United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Turkey, France, Germany) through partnership and cooperation with several local and international companies.