1 - Direct Sales (retail and wholesale)
We contract with the government, civil institutions, organizations, and individuals to supply them with various technological equipment for IT (laptop and desktop computers, printers, scanners, accessories, etc), communications, electronics, and advanced machinery. All of our products are competitively priced and fully ensured.

2 - Monthly Installment Financing
Since April 2007, we have been offering monthly installment financing for purchasing of all brands of desktop and laptop computers to students, government officials, and business owners in the Kurdistan Region, especially in the province of Dohuk. We provide suitable prices and excellent after-sales service for maintenance and re-formatting. We have a dedicated staff in sales and financial matters for the collection of premiums in addition to a special section for legal and consulting professionals.

2 - Implementation
Over the years, we have implemented many technology projects such as:

  • Linking of computer networks
  • Providing internet services
  • Setting up computer servers, communications equipment, and electrical system

Along with our team of highly experienced technical specialists and engineers, we can contract with other parties to study, supervise, and implement advanced technology projects.

3 - Maintenance
We have highly experienced technicians for maintenance of computers, computer devices, electronics, and communications equipment. We operate under the principle of speed and accuracy, low cost for maintenance, and security against computer viruses.